Monday, 30 April 2012

10 things from my room

So I thought my first post should sum up what Im like and I think this is a great way to start!

1 ~ My birdcage, that I decorated years ago, still the pride and joy of my room and worthy of being in the no1 slot.

2 ~ My very old Angelina Ballerina doll, before her revival and cartoon, she was a book character of the 80's, she was one of my very first toys as a child but lived on a shelf to be looked at, shes always remained in my room since I was about 3 years old i'm now 25 and shes still living on a shelf pride of place, shes very sentimental so had to be on the list.

3 ~ I love my beauty! and Im a British girl so of course I had to include some soap & glory!

4 ~ My homemade bunting, I love sewing and bunting is one of my favorite things to make.

5 ~ My dressing table mirror, one of my favorite things as my dressing table was my grandmothers and is very vintage and chic as well as being sentimental, I used to play dress up when I was little in front of this mirror and i'm doing it 20 years on.

6 ~ My rose oil painting, again this was my grandmothers, its just beautiful and sums up my style.

7 ~ Tea-cups, I love teacups and I do drink my tea out of them I think it tastes better, but I also love them as decoration, I love the Alice in wonderland feel that they give off.

8 ~ Trinkets, I love little trinkets that I can hang from anywhere and everywhere, these were actually Christmas decorations and the robin was from Monsoon homeware who have some beautiful little trinkets, the tin decoration was from a lovely little boutique shop in my local town.

9 ~ Glass, I have a lot of glass items in my room and this is one of my favorite items from urban outfitters who of course always have beautiful things.

10 ~ Finally and I had to include this, my new bed, its the focal point of my room and is my pink haven, sums me up a tee!

Thanks for reading.