Friday, 25 May 2012

A little haul

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was struck down by a nasty sickness bug which has taken a while to get over, but here's a little haul of things I bought before getting sick, it was also my birthday whilst I was ill so a couple of these things were pressies as well.

Ikea - Lonsboda, Pink Glass Candle £3.39, I bought 2 of these as there beautiful and I love pink glass, plus for just over 3 pounds there a bargain!

Ikea - Dromlik, set of 3 rose print candle pots, £3.29 for 3, I love anything with a rose print on it so also grabbed these, again a real bargain, Ikea have some really beautiful things at the moment.

Rose print stacking boxes from ebay £11.00 including p&p, Iv been looking for some small boxes like these for ages to store my make-up and they work a treat.

Small vintage frame and floral print, this was from my mum for my birthday, she picked it up from our local market who have a vintage event every month, I'm currently filling one wall of my bedroom in frames and pictures and this will make a lovely addition.

Small vintage trinket box - again a present from my mum, again from the vintage market, it's very very pretty, it isnt showing up very well but its actually a very pale yellow porcelain.

Hanging plaque and hanging pearl heart - again a present from my mum from a independent local home shop close to us, I love hanging items and these 2 are so pretty, my mum knows me so well!

Thanks for reading


  1. I just gave you an award on my blog! :)xx

  2. The candle print and stacking boxes are so cute! I love anything floral print :)


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  4. What a gorgeous haul! I'm currently trying to stock up on things before I go to uni and really hope I can find goodies like this to keep my room looking pretty :)



  5. After reading this, I'm off to Ikea tomorrow! I've fallen in love with the pink glass candle! It's gorgeous, and you can reuse it after.

    Check out my blog please? I'm new :) xxx

  6. Gorgeous!!
    I'm making an ikea trip soon too... Seen this pink glass lamp that NEEDS to sit on my bedside table!! haha :)

    Claudia X

  7. I literally want to go to IKEA right now! those candles are gorgeous!

    You have a lovely blog hun, now following :)


  8. You've made me want to go IKEA!
    The candles are so cute! :)