Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Laura Ashley Wishlist

I Love Laura Ashley home-ware as a rule anyway but iv just instantly fallen in love with these items, and these prices are on a 30% discount for the bank holiday weekend, I may have to treat myself to one of the items as I do think they seem quite good value, the jewellery box especially! plus my birthdays coming up perhaps one could be put away in the pressie cupboard ;)

Laura Ashley -  Set Of 3 Soft Cosmetic Storage Boxes £16.80

Laura Ashley - Lovely Today Jewellery Box £8.40

Laura Ashley -  Lovely Today Padded Hangers Set of 2 £10.50


  1. Thanks for popping in my blog :) i just love-tiddly-adore those hangers <3 love at first sight!

  2. Aww all the things above are just soo cute x I followed you! I think your blog is great and i just started a blog to so maybe us small blogs can help each other! I also love your first post all the items in your room are really vintage! SO I LOVE IT <3 <3
    Oh and your really pretty!
    ^^^ my blog!

    1. Thank you so much :D Iv followed back your blog looks lovely!! :D xxx

  3. such a cute blog! Very cool blog! Come by and let's follow each other:)! Stay in touch xx