Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Everyday Beauty Items

My Make-up Bag from Boots's was around at Christmas time In Boots gift section so I don't know if they still sell it, I love it though, it has a birdcage on it!! of course I love it!

Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter - I suffer from really dry lips anytime of year and this is brilliant for them plus it smells amazing!!

Boots Vitamin E SPF15 eye cream - this isn't about anti aging for me, my under eye area suffers from 
dryness quite badly and this stuff works a treat for me, I use it morning and night and carry it around and use it in the afternoon if need be, it has an SPF as well which is always a bonus.

Superdrug Vitamin E skin oil - I use this at night after my skin care routine just before I go to bed, when I get up in the morning my skins really plump, moisturised and glowing! I love it so much I carry it around in case I end up staying over at a friends house for the night, I can't not have it!

Soap and Glory Hand Food - The mother of all hand creams, it's perfect basically it's improved the condition of my hands so much as well, they used to be so dry they needed hand cream about 5 times a day! now I just use this once of twice a day.

Vera Wang Princess, Solid Perfume - My go to perfume, it's beautiful, my Mum picked me this up from duty free when she went on holiday, it's great because I can just carry it round in my bag without having to worry about it leaking from a bottle.

Soap and glory hand maid, hand cleansing gel - love this stuff and it doesn't sting my hands like some other hand gels.

I always carry hairspray any brand really this is Superdrugs own extra firm hold hairspray, I have such flyaway hair at the top of my head I always use hairspray to keep my hair looking sleek, as it's the only thing that will do the job without making my hair look greasy.

The Sleek Storm Palette from Superdrug - I love this Palette and It lives in my make-up bag, I love the variety of colours and finishes it does literally take you from day to night, I rarely use any other eye shadows.

Natural Collection Blush In Pink Cloud from Boots - I really like Natural Collection blushes and there so cheap! Im very pale and this is a beautiful pink on me, again it's my go to blush and it lives in my make-up bag.

Natural Collection Lipstick In Rosebud from Boots - the colour really isn't represented well at all in the picture but the colour is a great everyday pink, it's a my lips but better look.

MUA black eyeliner from Superdrug - Im very lucky with eyeliner as any brand I use it just seems to stick to my eyes and doesn't budge at all till I remove it, this one does exactly that for me it stays on all day, it stays black all day and its a pound!

Rimmel day 2 night mascara - This is my current mascara, again i'm very lucky as I have quite thick, long and dark eyelashes anyway (thanks parents genes!!!) any mascara seems to do the job for me as it just accentuates what I already have, I do prefer the volume brush on this mascara as it does genuinely give me the look of false lashes!

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - I know this is a very popular concealer and for good reason, it lasts all day, it doesn't dry my under eye area out and it really does cover dark circles.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation - definetly my favorite foundation, good coverage but not heavy and lasts really well, Iv tried other high street and high end foundations but I keep going back to this one.


  1. The bag is soooooo cute!
    I must agree that Hand food is amazing
    & I love the smell of hand maid, always have a bottle with me at work!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That make up bag is so cute! :)

    Defo couldn't live without the Palmers cocoa butter products, they're amazing! <3

    Lovely blog!


  3. love the lip butter! it's my saving grace

  4. I love cocoa butter :D we followed
    Fibi x

  5. I reallly want to try that hand cream! Im going to have to try it now :) lovely blog, I am now a follower! xx

  6. I love the Vitamin E range, I definitely want to try out the skin oil! x

  7. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :) New follower via email

  8. I have the Natural Collection blush- really love it! Also suffer from really dry lips so I shall be giving the palmers lip balm a go :) lovely blog! xx

  9. I'm such a fan of palmers! It's a definite beauty must-have! Lovely post! xo, Megs

  10. I should try the soap and glory hand cream...i've tried some of their other products before and i have not been a fan, but i'm willing to try again because i've heard so many good things about the hand cream